Some readers may be interested in investing themselves into a waifu, yet do not know how to start. This article is written for you.

(Within this article, the term waifu is primarily used, but husbando can be easily interchanged as required.)

Firstly, bear in mind that finding a waifu works much the same way as relationships do in real life, albeit from a somewhat 'one-sided' perspective.

People have widely varying definitions of what a 'relationship' is. Some people might consider themselves in a serious relationship after one or two dates, and some might only consider their relationship to be truly serious until their engagement or wedding. But most people find themselves happy to commit themselves to identifying their romantic interest as a serious one somewhere in between those points, with no firm threshold in mind. Likewise, some people would not consider calling an appealing anime character a waifu unless it was for life, and others might feel comfortable changing their waifu every other week. Yet others might prefer a polyamorous approach, and as such they consider several characters to be their waifu, simultaneously, in what is called a 'harem'.

For the purposes of this article, we will be making the assumption that your waifu is someone to whom you wish to be seriously committed. This is as opposed to a quick 'one-night-stand' that one might find oneself lusting after a particular character for a day or two, before 'dumping' her and moving on. As such, we will be taking this approach:

When you find that very special someone,
Who is constantly running through your mind,
Who leaves a deep and resonating impression upon you,
Who brings happiness into your heart,
Who brings meaning into your life,
Then you will have found your Waifu.

I don't know of any characters that I am interested in. Where should I start?Edit

Begin by exposing yourself to as much media as you can. If you're after an anime waifu, try watching more animes, reading mangas, or playing visual novels. Even consider diversifying your consumption of media. For example, if you're after a particularly moe character, try watching some anime series that don't revolve around primarily moe characters, and you might find someone that steals your heart from the most unexpected of places.

Does my character have to be from an anime or manga?Edit

No, absolutely not. There are people with waifu from all manner of media, and certainly not just anime or manga. Consider the wide variety of characters in other cartoons, animations, television shows, movies, novels, comic books, and even songs. You are just as welcome to identify a waifu from a character like Gadget (from Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers), Fluttershy (from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Elizabeth (from Bioshock 3), Leela (from Futurama), or Miss Pauling (from Team Fortress 2). These are just a few basic examples; there is an almost uncountable number of exciting and interesting characters.